Premium Escort Services


As we all know, when you choose to hire an escort, it is always a matter of trust. You trust the girl you are about to spend then next few hours or days with and she gives you the same. however, you will have to pay a down payment as a commitment fee for their work. Once this is done, you might decide to pay a premium as a way of appreciating her for their work. These includes

1.    Extra services offered to you

When booking for a date with New Orleans Escorts they have set charges for different services. However, sometime, a client might decide to request for additional services from the New Orleans Escort on top of what they had agreed. If the agency agrees, these services will be paid later at the end of the date.

2.    Appreciation token

Although a premium payment done for extra services are sent to the agency the New Orleans Escort works for. The appreciation token is normally given to the escort herself as they are permitted to collect such from a client.


No agency will ever force you to make premium payment without a reason. At the same time, the appreciation token is given at your own freewill and no escort should compel you to do so.

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